Winter Liptovsky mlyn

Tips for a trip

Bešeňová - 3 km

The year-round thermal swimming pool with geothermal water springs from a depth of 1987 m with a temperature of 60.5 °C. Thermal water has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal and respiratory system, it also has positive effects on the human psyche and helps in the treatment of urological problems. Archaeological finds confirm that the beneficial effects of the thermal springs from Bešeňová were used by the ancient Celts.



Lúčky - 4 km

Lucky Spa is the right place to relax, where you can indulge in spa treatments. We recommend trying healing mineral waters, outdoor thermal pools and admiring the view of the magical landscape. The experience is enhanced by the Waterfall Lucky, which falls from a 12 m travertine terrace into a small lake in the center of the village.


Kalameny - 4 km

On the northern edge of the village Kalameny there is a thermal spring with a small lake with the possibility of year-round free swimming. Water with a temperature of about 33 °C in a composition similar to the nearby Kúpele Lúčky has a beneficial effect on the human body and is used in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, urological and women's problems.


Veľký Choč - 5 km

Velký Choč is the dominant peak of the Chočské vrchy mountains with a height of 1611 m above sea level. It is visible from Štrba and from the whole of the lower Orava. The peak is very popular with tourists. Thanks to the shape of the irregular pyramid, an excellent panoramic view opens up at the top. The peak is officially accessible from Lúčky, Likavka, Valaské Dubové nebe Vyšný Kubín.


Liptovský hrad - 5 km

Liptovsky hrad is a ruin of a castle in Liptov. The remains of the former castle stand on the hill Sestrc 1000 m above sea level in Chocske vrchy. It was the highest castle in Slovakia. The whole area of the castle is open to the public. A yellow marked route from the village of Kalameny leads here.


Liptovská Mara - 5 km

The Liptovská Mara waterworks on the Váh River is the largest dam in Slovakia. Thanks to the area of ​​22 km2 and the maximum depth of 43 m, it deserves the adjective Liptov Sea. The beautiful surroundings with a panorama of the High Tatras are ideal for romantic walks, sports activities or sightseeing cruises.


Čereňova skala - 7 km

A great tip for easy hiking with a wonderful view to the dam Liptovska Mara. The hike begins in the village of Liptovska Anna.


Malinô Brdo - 10 km

There are 12 km of ski slopes in the resort. The surroundings of Malina Brda offer excellent opportunities for cross-country skiing, hiking and alpine skiing. You will also find a pleasant water reservoir where you can take a bath or have fun with various activities. Attractive tourist trips include a visit to the wooden village of Vlkolinec, a walking tour around Sidorov and a ski or cross-country ski run to Smrekovice.


Villa Betula - 12 km

The resort offers a children's playground and on-site horse riding, climbing frames, a wheelchair path, trampolines, a bouncy castle, swings and an animal farm. Guests can also enjoy a range of winter facilities, such as children's ski lifts, snow tubing, artificial snow, artificial lighting.


U dobrého pastiera - 14 km

The village of U dobrého pastiera is located in the beautiful Čutkov Valley. Precisely tuned wooden buildings and the conceptually chosen purpose of their use create a pleasant environment for relaxation in the spirit of an old traditional wooden village.


Vlkolínec - 15 km

The village of Vlkolinec, nestled in the lap of the Great Fatra, is a unique Slovak in the UNESCO list. So far, three dozen permanent residents live in the original wooden houses, who, despite daily visits of tourists with cameras, go for water to the stream flowing through the whole village.


Dúbrava - 16 km

In the valley near the village of Dúbrava you will come across a 6 m high statue of Gruta - Strážce Lesa. An easy asphalt road through the forest leads to it 2 km from the Dúbrava mine.


Salaš Krajinka - 16 km

Stylish mountain hut Krajinka near Ružomberok, in the picturesque surroundings of the beautiful nature of Lower Liptov. The mountain hut was founded on the breeding of 1000 sheep in 1983, when its original character and years of proven mountain tradition were preserved. You can be part of this unique atmosphere of old shepherds and herders, as you can see sheep breeding up close, including grazing, milking and processing sheep's milk in the traditional manual way. We do not use any preservatives, which is a great rarity these days. While sitting idyllic on the mountain hut, you can taste the best specialties of our own production, such as Brynz soup, fried sheep cheese, lamb perkelt.


Tatralandia - 19 km

During the summer season, young and older can enjoy themselves in 14 swimming pools with sea, thermal and clear water. You will definitely not be bored thanks to water slides, attractions, an all-day program with an animation team or a summer event. During bad weather we will meet under the transparent roof of the year-round Tropical Paradise hall, where the temperature does not fall below 30 °C. And through the special foil of the Tropical Paradise roof, you can sunbathe all year round, in summer or winter.


ZOO contact - 19 km

ZOO contact is a ZOO near the aquapark Tatralandia. It differs from other zoos in that you can pet certain animals, feed them with food purchased at the box office, take photos or have fun with ride a horses and ponies. There are more than 400 animals in 115 species in the ZOO.


Pavčina Lehota - 22 km

In the village of Pavčina Lehota in Liptov, right at the beginning of the famous Demänovská valley, there is the FUN PARK Žiarce. The northern orientation of the slopes and artificial snow ensures plenty of snow until late spring. The area is very popular, especially among families with children. For the youngest skiers there is a ski school and kindergarten, as well as ski equipment rental. Outside the winter period from April to October in the resort you will find the steepest bobsled track in Slovakia, which is currently only one of two tracks of this type in our territory. There is also a well-known cycling route connecting the cultural monuments Vlkolínec and Pribylina, which have become an interesting place for tourists.


Demänovska ľadová jaskyňa - 23 km

The Demänovská Cave National Natural Monument is the longest cave system in Slovakia. It is home to 10 species of bats. Freedom Cave is the most visited accessible cave in Slovakia. Its unique stalactite decoration ranks it among the most beautiful caves in Europe.


Závažná Poruba - 25 km

Above the village Závažná Poruba is the winter ski resort OPALISKO. It lies at an altitude of 640 m above sea level and rises to a height of 1,030 m above sea level. Five artificial snow pistes, four lifts and a chairlift provide comfort without long waits in queues. There is a children's area for the little ones, a toboggan run, a natural ice rink. The resort has such a cross-country ski area with a total length of 30 km of cross-country trails.


Liptovský Ján - 25 km

The village of Liptovský Ján is a recreational area with the occurrence of thermal and mineral springs. They are cold and warm with a temperature of 14.8 - 29.4 °C. The healing power of local springs has been known since the 14th century. In the south of the village, next to the Teplica spring, there is a small natural crater with an adjacent pool, which no one will call here other than Káď. The mineral-rich thermal water springs in the crater, which has demonstrable healing effects, cures skin diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, metabolism, female, nervous, but also heart and vascular diseases.


Chopok - Jasná - 30 km

Jasna Nízké Tatry is the largest resort in Slovakia, it has suitable conditions for downhill skiing, snowboarding, ski mountaineers, freeride and cross-country skiing. In summer, the biggest attraction in the resort is the beautiful nature of the Low Tatras. Recently, the resort has been sought after not only for its tourism and cable cars, but also for its unique Bikepark, which is unique in Slovakia and the surrounding countries.


Liptovský Hrádok - 30 km

Liptovský Hrádok Castle and Chateau - At the beginning of the 14th century, at the confluence of the Belé and Váh rivers, the Donč County of Zvolen built a Gothic stone castle on a low limestone rock at the confluence of the Low Tatras. The castle was surrounded by a moat, which has been preserved in the form of a lake to this day. In 2001, when Dipl.Ing. Dagmar Machová visited the ruins of the castle and the ruins of the chateau the vision of restoration and revitalization of this estate was born.


Kubínska hoľa - 32 km

Take the chairlifts to the top of Kubínská and enjoy the views not only of nearby Dolný Kubín, but especially of the majestic Slovak mountains. From Mala and Veľká Fatra, through Veľký Choč, Oravské and Kysucké Beskydy, to the peaks of the Western Tatras and, with good visibility, even the hills of the Low Tatras. We have prepared several cycle routes for you right in the area of the center on Kubínská hola. The routes are easy and everyone can handle them, from small cyclists to seniors. The resort also includes sections suitable for adrenaline riding on mountain bikes, tricycles or off-road scooters, which you can rent at the cash desks in the lower part of the resort. In the winter season, you can find your way in 14 km of regularly groomed tracks, which are filled with technical snow in the event of a lack of snow. Everyone will find their ideal route on the black, red or blue slopes. 2 four-seater cable cars and 9 lifts provide comfortable transportation.


Oravský hrad - 33 km

Orava Castle is a significant dominant of the Orava region, it is one of the most important monuments of castle architecture in Slovakia. The castle, protected as a national cultural monument, is open to the public daily from May to March.


Pribylina - 34 km

The Liptov Village Museum is an open-air museum located in Pribylina. It was established in 1991 in connection with the construction of the Liptovská Mara dam. The museum consists of houses from the flooded part of the waterworks and from the area of upper and lower Liptov. A zoo exposition is created in the museum, where domestic animal breeding is presented.


Donovaly - 37 km

Donovaly is a village lies north of Banská Bystrica between the Velká Fatra and Starohorské vrchy mountains. There is a major ski resort Snow Park Donovaly, which offers at an altitude of 900 - 1360 m above sea level great trails for downhill and slalom skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing with a total length of up to 11 km, of which 7 km artificially snowed. Another interesting feature is the bobsled track with year-round operation with a length of 900 m with jumps and sharp turns.


Spálená dolina  - 45 km

The Roháče Spálená ski resort is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Western Tatras - Roháče in the valley below Salatíny. The resort provides optimal conditions for all ages of skiers and snowboarders. The ski slopes are maintained daily. For the demanding there is a mountaineering free zone and a newly built snowboard park.


Štrbské pleso - 60 km

Strbské Pleso located at an altitude of 1345 m, is one of the most popular and at the same time the highest Tatra tourist and ski resort. The biggest magnet is Strbské Pleso, which offers breathtaking views of jagged mountain peaks reflected on the surface. Hotel Patria is located near the ambitious ski jumps and popular ski slopes, and at the same time almost right next to the shore of the lake - a typical local landmark. The asymmetric roof copies the slope of the Tatras peak Patria, to which the hotel owes its name.


Hrebienok - 78 km

Hrebienok is a very important tourist and ski center above Stary Smokovec, at the southeastern foot of Slavkovsky stit. Since the middle of the 19th century, spa guests from Stary Smokovec have been looking for this popular place, where a popular cable car was built next to the ancient tourist path. In winter, you can take away an unforgettable experience from the Tatra Ice Dome with ice monuments and statues that will always take your heart.


Skalnaté pleso - 82 km

Skalnate pleso is a popular alpine lake in the High Tatras above Tatranská Lomnica, located in the area of Skalnata dolina, directly below the beautiful southern slopes of Lomnický stit. Its location predestined it to one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Tatras. Skalnate pleso also includes an extensive ski resort, whose ski slope is the longest in Slovakia. It is crossed by several hiking trails, which take you to the Green Ball or Hrebienok.


Zelené pleso - 88 km

One of the most impressive places in the High Tatras is rightly the Green Lake, which got its name from the green spots from the springs at its bottom. Directly on the shore of the lake stands the tourist Cottage at the Green Lake with year-round operation with the possibility of refreshments. The surroundings of the lake offer a wonderful view of the surrounding peaks such as Malý Kežmarský štít, Velká Svišťovka and Bujačí vrch. The most common starting point for the ball is Tatranské Matliare or Skalnaté pleso.


Slovak paradise - 107 km

The Slovak paradise National Park is a distinctive karst area with a rugged relief with a number of gorges, gorges, narrow valleys and canyons, which together form 300 km of marked hiking trails with ladders, bridges and chains. From mid-May to the end of September, it is also possible to visit the Dobšinská Ice Cave, which is part of the UNESCO natural heritage.


Košice - 180 km

Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia and the natural capital of the East Slovak region. Most of the historically valuable buildings are concentrated on Main street, the north-south backbone of the historic city, 1,200 m long. Michael, the Cathedral of St. Elizabeth, the Urban Tower, the State Theater and the Marian Column. The width of the main street stems from the fact that the Čermeľ stream also originally flowed through it.